Co-located Events Venue

The co-located events will be held at the Instituto Superior Técnico / University of Lisbon, Alameda campus, Lisbon, Portugal. The campus is located in the city center, near Saldanha, at a walking distance of public transportations, hotels, restaurants, museums and shopping areas.

Lisbon is a modern welcoming city offering rich picturesque vistas and unique sites. The capital of Portugal since its conquest from the Moors in 1147, Lisbon is a legendary city with over twenty centuries of history. You will find a myriad of different things to visit in Lisbon.

Independently of from where you come, it is quite easy to get there. Lisbon airport is just five kilometers away from the campus and have direct flights to major cities in Europe, Africa, and Americas.

Information on Co-Located Events

This page provides information for the Eurographics 2016 Co-Located Events. Please make sure that you register for the co-located events that you also want to visit.

The aim of the 3DOR Workshop series is to offer a forum for discussion and interaction among researchers interested in 3D object retrieval, search and exploration, and favor the cross-fertilization between different fields such as Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Machine Learning, Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction.

Expressive 2016 is a joint symposium that includes Computational Aesthetics (CAe),Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering (NPAR), and Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modelling (SBIM).

WICED 2016 is associated for the second time with Eurographics, and this is an opportunity to strengthen the connection between intelligent cinematography and computer graphics on topics that include interactive and automated camera control, visualization, visibility computation, and visual storytelling.

In its first year, GraDiFab 2016 has the aim to establish itself as the leading venue to disseminate the state-of-the-art research lying on the interface between computer graphics and digital fabrication technologies. This research is expected to contribute towards the establishment of digital fabrication as a viable and effective option for the creation of the objects of the future. In addition, it aims to bring together the interdisciplinary community working in these areas. This community involve experts from a wide range of areas such as computer graphics, additive manufacturing, computer aided design, material engineering, human computer interaction as well as end users from a wide range of applications including medicine, biology, engineering, arts and architecture.

The goal of the Motion in Games conference is to bring together researchers from this variety of fields to present their most recent results, to initiate collaborations, and to contribute to the establishment of the research area. The conference will consist of regular paper sessions, poster presentations, and as well as presentations by a selection of internationally renowned speakers in all areas related to games and simulation. The conference includes entertaining cultural and social events that foster casual and friendly interactions among the participants.

Instituto Superior Técnico Location