Fast Forward Guidelines

The fast forward will take an hour and a half in the afternoon on Monday 9th. To keep with this schedule, all presenters will be allowed 2 (two) slides to introduce themselves and their work in 60 seconds or less.

General Notes

– Allow no more than seconds to introduce your paper during the Fast Forward
– You should provide no more than TWO slides to support your pitch
– you should use the powerpoint slide template provided for you here
– you should send your slides via email using the following subject: FF– to the address
– if you decide to include videos in your slides, we recommend that these videos last no longer than 40 seconds.
– if your fast forward contribution file size is larger than 10MB, please provide an URL (ex: dropbox / googledrive share link) in a separate email
– please note that the fast forward session will be held on Monday 9th May Afternoon
– Submit your presentation no later than APRIL 4th 2016

Technical Guidelines

Please use Windows-based PowerPoint-2013 to prepare your slides or ensure that they are working properly when opened with this version.
We will be screening at aspect ratio: 4:3. Please optimize your slides and videos for these projector settings.
Audio is welcome. If you use audio in your slides, please have it encoded in mp3 format.
Video files are also welcome. However, we can only accept video material encoded in WMV (do NOT use QuickTime (.mov) or other formats). QuickTime movies do not play in PowerPoint on Windows!

Do not hesitate to contact the Fast Forward organizer at if you have further questions. If you are unable to attend the Fast Forward, please let us know as soon as possible.