Program – Monday

// PROGRAM FOR Monday 3rd

// 08:30 – 09:00


// 09:00 – 10:40

EGPGV (Room Porto)
Chair: Steffen Frey

  • Dynamic I/O Budget Reallocation For In Situ Wavelet Compression
    Nicole Marsaglia, Shaomeng Li, Kristi Belcher, Matthew Larsen, Hank Childs
  • Fast Mesh Validation in Combustion Simulations through In-Situ Visualization
    Sergei Shudler, Nicola Ferrier, Joseph Insley, Michael E. Papka, Saumil Patel, Silvio Rizzi
  • Scalable Parallel Flow Visualization Using 3D Line Integral Convolution for Large Scale Unstructured Simulation Data
    Yangguang Liao, Hiroaki Matsui, Oliver Kreylos, Louise H. Kellogg
  • Task-based Augmented Reeb Graphs with Dynamic ST-Trees
    Charles Gueunet, Pierre Fortin, Julien Jomier, Julien Tierny

EnvirVis – Weather and Climate (Room D.Maria)
Chair: Karsten Rink

  • On Inconvenient Images: Exploring the Design Space of Engaging Climate Change Visualizations for Public Audiences
    Florian Windhager, Günther Schreder, Eva Mayr
  • Topology-based Feature Detection in Climate Data
    Christopher P Kappe, Michael Böttinger, Heike Leitte
  • Making sense of weather data: The meteorological workstation NinJo
    Kathrin Feige, Sibylle Haucke, Aiman Younis, Bruno Zürcher, Bo Bergmann, Dirk Heizenreder

TrustVis (Room Miragaia)
Chair: Lars Linsen

  • Opening
  • Keynote: Trust me, I am a visualization!
    Marc Streit
// 09:00 – 09:55

EuroVA and MLVis (Room Arrábida)

  • Joint opening for EuroVA and MLVis
  • Invited Talk
    Samuel Kaski
// 10:00 – 10:40

EuroVA – Opening and Best Paper (Room Arrábida)
MLVis (Room S.João)

  • MLVis Tutorial component
  • Organiser presentations on machine learning methods and visualisation
// 10:40 – 11:10

Coffee Break (Room Salão Nobre)

// 11:10 – 12:50

EGPGV (Room Porto)
Chair: Filip Sadlo

  • Parallel XPBD Simulation of Modified Morse Potential – an Alternative Spring Model
    Ozan Cetinaslan
  • Real-time particle-based snow simulation on the GPU
    Christian Markowicz, Ali Hassan, Prashant Goswami
  • Hybrid Online Autotuning for Parallel Ray Tracing
    Killian Herveau, Philip Pfaffe, Martin Tillmann, Walter Tichy, Carsten Dachsbacher
  • Screen Partitioning Load Balancing for Parallel Rendering on a Multi-GPU Multi-Display Workstation
    Yangzi Dong, Chao Peng

EnvirVis – Lakes and Oceans (Room D.Maria)
Chair: Kathrin Feige

  • Leveraging Lagrangian Analysis for Discriminating Nutrient Origins
    Soumya Dutta, Riley X. Brady, Mathew E. Maltrud, Philip Wolfram, Roxana Bujack
  • RedSeaAtlas: A Visual Analytics Tool for Spatio-temporal Multivariate Data of the Red Sea
    Shehzad Afzal, Sohaib Ghani, Garth Tissington, Sabique Langodan, Hari Prasad Dasari, Dionysios Raitsos, John Gittings, Tahira Jamil, Madhusudhanan Srinivasan, Ibrahim Hoteit
  • A Virtual Geographic Environment for Multi-Compartment Water and Solute Dynamics in Poyang Lake, China
    Karsten Rink, Erik Nixdorf, Lars Bilke

EuroVA – Visual Analytics Methods (Room Arrábida)
Chair: Jonathan Roberts

  • Visual Analysis of Degree-of-Interest Functions to Support Selection Strategies for Instance Labeling
    Jürgen Bernard, Marco Hutter, Christian Ritter, Markus Lehmann, Michael Sedlmair, Matthias Zeppelzauer
  • TourDino: A Support View for Confirming Patterns in Tabular Data
    Klaus Eckelt, Patrick Adelberger, Thomas Zichner, Andreas Wernitznig, Marc Streit
  • Deep Learning Inverse Multidimensional Projections
    Mateus Espadoto, Francisco Caio Maia Rodrigues, Nina Hirata, Roberto Hirata, Alexandru Telea
  • Visualization of Rubik’s Cube Solution Algorithms
    Christian Steinparz, Andreas Hinterreiter, Holger Stitz, Marc Streit
  • On Quality Indicators for Progressive Visual Analytics
    Marco Angelini, Thorsten May, Giuseppe Santucci, Hans-Jörg Schulz
  • Quantifying Uncertainty in Multivariate Time Series Pre-Processing
    Christian Bors, Jürgen Bernard, Markus Bögl, Theresia Gschwandtner, Jörn Kohlhammer, Silvia Miksch

MLVis (Room S.João)
Chair: Daniel Archambault, Ian Nabney, Jaakko Peltonen

  • On KDE-based brushing in scatterplots and how it compares to CNN-based brushing
    Chaoran Fan, Helwig Hauser
  • Interpreting Black-Box Semantic Segmentation Models in Remote Sensing Applications
    Adrianna Janik, Kris Sankaran, Anthony Ortiz
  • Visual Analysis of Multivariate Urban Traffic Data Resorting to Local Principal Curves
    Pedro dOrey, Carla Silva, Ana Aguiar
  • Visual Ensemble Analysis to Study the Influence of Hyper-parameters on Training Deep Neural Networks
    Sagad Hamid, Adrian Derstroff, Soeren Klemm, Quynh Quang Ngo, Xiaoyi Jiang, Lars Linsen
  • Panel and Closing

TrustVis (Room Miragaia)
Chair: Robert Kosara

  • Towards Supporting Interpretability of Clustering Results with Uncertainty Visualization
    Christoph Kinkeldey, Tim Korjakow, Jesse Josua Benjamin
  • Uni- and Multi-modal Uncertainty Visualization in 2D Scalar Field Ensembles
    Eike Gebauer, Lars Linsen
  • Detection of Confirmation and Distinction Biases in Visual Analytics Systems
    Atilla Alpay Nalcaci, Dilara Girgin, Semih Balki, Fatih Talay, Hasan Alp Boz, Selim Balcisoy
  • Examining the Components of Trust in Map-Based Visualizations
    Cindy Xiong, Lace M. K. Padilla, Kent Grayson, Steven Franconeri
// 12:50 – 14:10

Lunch (Room Salão Nobre)

// 14:10 – 15:50

EGPGV (Room Porto)
Chair: Hank Childs

  • Efficient Point Merge Using Data Parallel Techniques
    Abhishek Yenpure, Hank Childs, Kenneth Moreland
  • Keynote: Automated Visualization: the Future of In Situ Processing?
    Ivan Viola

EnvirVis (Room D.Maria)
Chair: Gerik Scheuermann

  • Keynote: Human Perception and Visual Thinking Tools for Environmental Science
    Colin Ware

EuroVA (Room Arrábida)
Chair: Aidan Slingsby

  • Moving Together: Towards a Formalization of Collective Movement
    Juri Buchmuller, Eren Cakmak, Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko, Jolle W. Jolles, Daniel Keim
  • Visually Analyzing Latent Accessibility Clusters of Urban POIs
    Farah Kamw, Shamal AL-Dohuki, Ye Zhao, Jing Yang, Xinyue Ye
  • Contextualized Analysis of Movement Events
    Siming Chen, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Christos Doulkeridis, Athanasios Koumparos
  • Interactive Pattern Analysis of Multiple T-Maze Data
    Fabrizia Bechtold, Hrvoje Abraham, Rainer Splechtna, Kresimir Matkovic
  • Visual Analytics of Event Data using Multiple Mining Methods
    Muhammad Adnan, Phong Nguyen, Roy Ruddle, Cagatay Turkay
  • Visualizing Event Sequences as Oscillating Streams
    Chris Weaver, Ronak Etemadpour

MolVA (Room S.João)
Chair: Jan Byška

  • Invited talk: Playing the molecular graphics game – visual analysis of molecular data in a game engine
    Marc Baaden
  • A Massively Parallel CUDA Algorithm to Compute and Visualize the Solvent Excluded Surface for Dynamic Molecular Data
    Marco Schäfer, Michael Krone
  • Invited talk: Building on UnityMol to develop a VR solution fit for the BioPharma drug discovery needs of tomorrow through an industrial-academic collaboration
    Zara Sands

TrustVis (Room Miragaia)
Chair: Noeska Smit

  • Trust in Information Visualization
    Eva Mayr, Nicole Hynek, Saminu Salisu, Florian Windhager
  • Keynote: Trust (not only) in visualization in interdisciplinary research: Experience and lessons learned
    Barbora Kozlíková
// 15:50 – 16:20

Coffee Break (Room Salão Nobre)

// 16:20 – 18:00

EGPGV (Room Porto)
Chair: Gleb Tkachev

  • Hybrid Remote Visualization in Immersive Virtual Environments with Vistle
    Martin Aumüller
  • Statistical Analysis of Parallel Data Uploading using OpenGL
    Markus Wiedemann, Dieter Kranzlmüller
  • An Interpolation Scheme for VDVP Lagrangian Basis Flows
    Sudhanshu Sane, Hank Childs, Roxana Bujack

EnvirVis – Ecosphere and Infrastructure (Room D.Maria)
Chair: Roxana Bujack

  • SOAViz: Visualization for Portable X-ray Fluorescence Soil Profiles
    Vung Pham, Tommy Dang
  • Visual Exploration of the European Red List
    Stefan Jänicke

MolVA (Room S.João)
Chair: Michael Krone

  • QuickSES: A Library for Fast Computation of Solvent Excluded Surfaces
    Xavier Martinez, Michael Krone, Marc Baaden
  • MolFind – Integrated Multi-Selection Schemes for Complex Molecular Structures
    Robin Skånberg, Mathieu Linares, Martin Falk, Ingrid Hotz, Anders Ynnerman
  • PBmapclust: Mapping and Clustering the Protein Conformational Space Using a Structural Alphabet
    Iyanar Vetrivel, Lionel Hoffmann, Sean Guegan, Bernard Offmann, Adele D. Laurent
  • Invited talk: About the Future of Molecular Visualization – from Quantum Chemistry to Molecular Microscopy
    Hans-Christian Hege
// 16:20 – 17:10

EuroVA – Applications of Visual Analytics (Room Arrábida)
Chair: Jürgen Bernard

  • Visual Analytics for Interactive Survival Analysis
    Alberto Corvo, Humberto Garcia Caballero, Michel Westenberg
  • Interactive Visual Analysis of Patient-Reported Outcomes for Improved Cancer Aftercare
    Juliane Müller, Veit Zebralla, Susanne Wiegand, Steffen Oeltze-Jafra
  • Visual Analytics of Conversational Dynamics
    Daniel Seebacher, Maximilian Fischer, Rita Sevastjanova, Daniel Keim, Mennatallah El-Assady
// 17:10 – 18:00

EuroVA – Panel (Room Arrábida)
Chair: Cagatay Turkay, Tatiana von Landesberger

  • The Past, the Present and the Future of Visual Analytics
    Silvia Miksch, Giuseppe Santucci, Joern Kohlhammer, Samuel Kaski