// Call for STARs

State-of-the-Art Reports (STARs) are intended to provide up-to-date and
comprehensive surveys on topics of interest to the visualization research
community. We encourage the submission of STARs on topics that have not
yet been covered in any recent previous STAR or other surveys [1,2].
We welcome submissions that introduce emerging technologies, as well as
proposals on more traditional visualization topics. We also welcome
contributions from related disciplines and application areas demonstrating
contributions to, or benefits from, the area of visualization including, but
not limited to, visual computing, computer graphics, human-computer interaction,
virtual reality, image processing, computer vision, psychology, geography,
chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, data analysis, computational sciences,
medicine, biology, economy, social science, etc. Like last year, all accepted
EuroVis STAR reports will be published in Computer Graphics Forum.

// STAR Sketch Submission Instructions

As part of the acceptance process into Computer Graphics Forum, STARs will undergo a multi-stage process. First, authors are asked to submit an initial sketch in October 2018. A STAR sketch briefly describes the planned STAR by outlining the topic, discussing its relevance to the visualization community, providing the planned structure and outline of the STAR together with all key references, and short biographies of the authors. The length of a STAR sketch main text is limited to two pages. To demonstrate the relevant expertise needed to produce the proposed STAR, authors are required to submit brief biographies of all authors as supplementary material. References and short biographies are considered supplementary pages and are not counted within the two pages limit. STAR sketches will be reviewed by the STAR IPC and comments on suitability and relevance will be provided in early November 2018.

// Full STAR Submissions

In the next stage, authors are required to submit a full STAR. Full STAR
submissions will then undergo a single-blind, two-stage review process,
similar to that of regular papers submitted to Computer Graphics Forum,
where 3-4 external experts on the respective topic will evaluate the STAR.
Full submissions are 25 pages maximum (including references).

Electronic submission of the STAR sketch and the full proposal is mandatory and
will be conducted using the Precision Conference System according to
the guidelines on guidelines section.

We plan to schedule each STAR as an approximately 45-minute presentation
(subject to the schedule management of the EuroVis 2019 program). In any
circumstance, a STAR presentation will be given a longer time slot than
that of a full paper.

Any accepted STARs are required to have at least one (paid) registered author to attend and present the STAR at the conference.

For any questions concerning STAR submissions please contact the STARs chairs.

// Important Dates

Submission of STAR sketch: October 14, 2018 (two pages, +references, +bibliography)
Invitation for full STAR submission: Nov 5, 2018
Submission of full STAR: February 2, 2019
Review notification: March 16, 2019
Second round submission: April 16, 2019
Second review notification: April 30, 2019
Camera-ready deadline: May 7, 2019

All deadlines are at 23:59 GMT on the date indicated.


Robert S. Laramee // Swansea University, UK
Steffen Oeltze-Jafra // University of Magdeburg, Germany
Michael Sedlmair // University of Stuttgart, Germany


[1] Min Chen, Computer Graphics Forum, All STARs, Surveys, and Reviews,

[2] L. McNabb and R.S. Laramee, A Survey of Surveys (SoS)-Mapping
the Landscape of Survey Papers in Information Visualization,
Computer Graphics Forum (CGF), Volume 36, Number 3, (June)
2017, pages 589-617