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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Anfiteatro José Silvestre
Time Event
8h30 Registration
9h00 Opening Session
9h15 Session 1 – Augmented Reality
9h15 Inpresso AR: a generic Augmented Book
José Rocha, Luis Gonzaga Magalhaes, Nelson Alves and Miguel Guevara
9h35 (Short paper) Augmented Reality Platform to foster Collaborative Manipulation of 3D virtual objects: A Prototype
João Alves,Bernardo Marques, Miguel Neves, Rafael Maio, André Santos, Inês Justo, Raquel Rainho, Dany Costa, Beatriz Sousa Santos and Paulo Dias
9h50 SensiMAR – Designing a Multisensory AR System
Anabela Marto, Alexandino Gonçalves and Maximino Bessa
10h10 (Short paper) An Augmented Reality Framework for Supporting Technicians during Maintenance Procedures
Bernardo Marques, Paulo Dias, António Rocha, João Alves and Beatriz Sousa-Santos
10h25 Extended Reality Framework for Remote Collaborative Interactions in Virtual Environments
Vasco Pereira, Teresa Matos, Rui Rodrigues, Rui Nóbrega and João Jacob
10h45 Coffee Break
11h00 Session 2 – Virtual Reality Systems
11h00 Generic and Reconfigurable Virtual Reality Simulation System
André Alves and Luis Gonzaga Magalhaes
11h20 Gerador de Protótipos de Interfaces Gráficas para a IVY Workbench
João Araújo, Rui Couto and José Campos
11h40 (Short paper) Configuration and visualization of AR environments: a prototype
Inês Filipa Mendonça da Cruz, Bernardo Marques, João Alves, Paulo Dias and Beatriz S. Santos
11h55 Towards Music-Driven Procedural Animation
Carlos Brito and António Ramires Fernandes
12h15 Designing Collaborative and Coordinated Virtual Reality Training Integrated with Virtual and Physical Factories
Emre Yildiz, Charles Møller, Miguel Correia Melo and Maximino Bessa
12h45 Lunch
14h30 Session 3 – Computer Vision
14h30 A Quantum Algorithm for Ray Casting using an Orthographic Camera
Carolina Alves, Luis Paulo Santos andThomas Bashford-Rogers
14h50 (Short paper) Real-time facial retargeting and a facial rig on the web
Eva Valls Garolera, Gerard Llorach, Javi Agenjo and Josep Blat
15h05 Evaluation of Antialiasing Techniques on Mobile Devices
Tiago Almeida, João Madeiras Pereira and João Jorge
15h25 Architecture for Video mapping Development: The Method and the Application in NMSPCAM
Pedro Miguel Faria, Sandra Cardoso and Roberto Morais
15h45 Bone age assessment using general use convolutional neural networks
Gonçalo Pinheiro, Luis Magalhães and Miguel Guevara
16h05 Coffee Break
16h20 Session 4 – Visualization and Perception
16h20 VisMillion: A novel interactive visualization technique for real-time big data
Gonçalo Pires, Daniel Mendes and Daniel Gonçalves
16h40 (Short paper) Effects of an Agent’s Eye Movement and the Type of Agents on Donation Behavior in Japanese and US Culture
Tomoe Ozeki, Kazunori Terada and Satoru Hayamizu
16h55 Age and level of education impact on expectancy and perceived similarity between virtual and real touristic environments
Mariana Magalhães, Miguel Melo, António Coelho and Maximino Bessa
17h15 Keynote Speaker

Embodiment in Virtual Reality: impact and applications
Maria V. Sanchez-Vives, MD, PhD
18h00 CPCG Meeting
20h00 Social Dinner

Friday, November 22, 2019

Anfiteatro José Silvestre
Time Event
8h30 Registration
9h00 Session 5 – Virtual Reality Experience
9h00 Evaluation of the impact of different body tracking configurations for animation of avatars in the sense of presence and embodiment
Fábio Correia, Guilherme Gonçalves, Pedro Monteiro, Hugo Coelho, Miguel Melo and Maximino Bessa
9h20 Correlation between Game Experience and Presence in immersive virtual reality games
Guilherme Gonçalves, Hugo Coelho, Pedro Monteiro, Miguel Melo and Maximino Bessa
9h40 Virtual Reality for training – The impact of smell on presence, cybersickness, fatigue, stress and knowledge transfer
David Narciso, Miguel Melo, José Vasconcelos-Raposo and Maximino Bessa
10h00 Knowledge Analysis Automatic Evaluation in Virtual Reality Immersive Experiences
José Vieira, Rui Nóbrega, Vasco Pereira, António Coelho, Alexandre Jacinto and Carla Morais
10h20 Developing Training Applications for Hydrogen Emergency Response Training
Darque Pinto, Bruno Peixoto, Guilherme Gonçalves, Miguel Melo, Vasco Amorim and Maximino Bessa
10h45 Coffee Break
11h00 Session 6 – Human Computer Interaction
11h00 (Short paper) Health Hog: a Digital Intervention for Teenagers’ Healthier Behavior Change
Francisca Pimenta, Pedro F. Campos, Frederica Gonçalves, Miguel Campos and Paulo Freitas
11h15 I Am Here!
Matilde Nascimento and Daniel Gonçalves
11h35 Involving communities in shapping digital solutions for innovation in societies and territories
Paula Alexandra Silva, Maria João Antunes, Oksana Tymoshchuk, Luís Pedro, Ana Margarida Almeida, Denis Renó and Fernando Ramos
11h55 (Short paper) Combining a virtual patient’s narrative and a quiz to promote education on osteoarthritis
Catarina Cavique Santos, Ana Paula Cláudio,Maria Beatriz Carmo, Mara Pereira Guerreiro, Afonso Cavaco and Elsa Frazão Mateus
12h10 Game engine for development of pervasive games
António Coelho, Pedro Cardoso and A. Augusto Sousa
12h45 Closing session + best papers award

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