Thursday, November 15, 2018

Room 6.2.56, C6 building, 2nd floor



8:30 Registration
9:00 Opening Session
9:30 Session 1 (Chair: A. Augusto Sousa)
9:30 (Short paper) Gestural Interfaces: Towards an accessible mobile device interaction for the visually challenged

David Costa and Carlos Duarte

9:45 Towards Guidelines for Mental State Induction in First-Person Shooters

Tomás Alves, Sandra Gama, and Francisco S. Melo

10:05 Recognition and Use of Emotions in Games

Tiago Carvalhais and Luis Gonzaga Magalhaes

10:25 (Short paper) Remote Interaction in Virtual and Augmented Reality: a case study using multiple devices

João Alves, Bernardo Marques, Inês Cruz, Armando Sousa, Gisela Pinto, Diogo Guedes, Filipe Reis, António Ramos, Carlos Ribeiro, Paulo Dias, and Beatriz Sousa Santos

10:40 (Short paper) Conducting maintenance tasks on boilers with Augmented Reality in multiple devices

Bernardo Marques, João Alves, Rafael Esteves, Emanuel Fonseca, Paulo Dias, and Beatriz Sousa-Santos

10:55 Coffee Break
11:30 Session 2 (Chair: Beatriz Sousa Santos)
11:30 Improving traces visualisation through layout managers

Rui Couto and José Creissac Campos

11:50 The Scope of Multisensory Experiences in Cultural Heritage Sites

Anabela Marto, Alexandrino Gonçalves and Maximino Bessa

12:10 As Music Goes By: músicas em versões e filmes ao longo do tempo

Acácio Moreira and Teresa Chambel

12:30 (Short paper) Integrando la experiencia de usuario en la evaluación heurística de interfaces digitales

Ganix Lasa, Erik Aranburu, Maitane Mazmela Etxabe, and Daniel Reguera

12:45 Lunch
14:00 JOSÉ LUÍS ENCARNAÇÃO Award (Chair: Maximino Bessa)
14:30 Session 3 (Chair: António Coelho)
14:30 A Real-Time Terrain Ray-Tracing Engine

André Silvestre, Joao Madeiras Pereira, and Vasco Costa

14:50 Space Colonisation for Procedural Road Generation

Gabriel Dias Fernandes and António Ramires Fernandes

15:10 Virtual Reality Games: a study about the level of interaction vs. narrative and the gender in presence and cybersickness

Guilherme Gonçalves, Miguel Melo, and Maximino Bessa

15:30 (Short paper) PuzzleDock: An Immersive Protein Docking Environment

Francisco Fernandes, Daniel Lopes, João Santos, and Alfredo Ferreira

15:45 Coffee Break + Poster Session
16:30 Session 4 (Chair: José Creissac Campos)
16:30 Make Frame Rate Studies Useful for System Designers
Roland Ellerweg
16:50 Use of the physiological response to improve the gaming experience

Manuel Pinto, Miguel Melo and Maximino Bessa

17:10 GPCG Meeting
20:00 Social Dinner


Friday, November 16, 2018

Room 6.2.56, C6 building, 2nd floor


8:30 Registration
9:00 Keynote Speaker 1 (Chair: Joaquim Jorge) [Sponsored by LASIGE]

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applied to psychology
M.-Carmen Juan

10:00 Session 5 (Chair: Teresa Chambel)
10:00 Radiologists’ gaze characterization during lung nodule search in thoracic CT

Marlene Machado, Guilherme Aresta, Patrícia Leitão, André Silva Carvalho, Márcio Rodrigues, Isabel Ramos, António Cunha and Aurélio Campilho

10:20 AGATHA: Benchmarking Datasets for Exploring Criminal Surveillance methods on Open Source Data

Paulo Brito, João Fontes, Nuno Miquelina and Miguel Guevara

10:40 Coffee Break
11:10 Session 6 (Chair: Ana Paula Cláudio)
11:10 Graphical Simulation of Clinical Scenarios for Medical Training

Diana Pinto, João Costa, Rui Nóbrega, Hugo da Silva and António Coelho

11:30 Towards a Simulation-Based Medical Education Platform for PVSio-Web

Carlos Silva and José Creissac Campos

11:50 (Short paper) Gestural Interaction to Simulate Medical Procedures

João Costa, Rui Nóbrega, António Coelho, Hugo da Silva, Rui Rodrigues, and A. Augusto De Sousa

12:05 (Short paper) Media e Bem-Estar

Carla Bernardino, Hugo Alexandre Ferreira, and Teresa Chambel

12:20 (Short paper) Impact of Incidental Visualizations in Primary Tasks

João Moreira and Daniel Gonçalves

12:35 Lunch [Sponsored by BioISI]
14:00 Keynote Speaker 2 (Chair: Luís Paulo Santos) [Sponsored by LASIGE]

From nuclear reactors to pretty pictures and 3D prints
 Jaroslav Křivánek

15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Session 7 (Chair: Maximino Bessa)
15:30 (Short paper) Making Connected TV Interaction more Inclusive for People with Visual Impairments

Daniel Costa and Carlos Duarte

15:45 (Short paper) Technology Acceptance and Older Adults: Summarizing Instruments

José Coelho, Carlos Duarte, and Jan Egil Nordvik

16:00 (Short paper) Visualization Tool for League of Legends Matches Analysis

Tiago Moucho, Ana Paula Afonso, and Maria Beatriz Carmo

16:15 Closing Session + Best Papers Awards [Sponsored by Everis and FCA]