// Getting there and around

Travelling to Porto is quite easy. Sá Carneiro international airport is a short flight away from most European cities and several intercontinental flights connect Porto to several overseas destinations. Nevertheless, connection flights via London, Frankfurt or even Lisbon, provide an efficient alternative for those who travel from cities without direct flights to Porto.

City center and conference venue are 15kms away from the airport and are easily reachable by taxi, bus and metro, Transportation costs from airport to city center, hotels or conference venue range from less than 2€ (metro) to approximately 25€ (taxi). Those who choose to stay longer and enjoy the region can select from a wide variety of touristic destinations.

// Passport and Visas

A valid passport is required for entry into Portugal for all non-Schengen visitors. A visa may be required for some countries. To obtain information about visa and passports contact your local Portuguese Embassy at least three months prior to your departure to join us in Oporto. Letters of invitation required to meet the administrative and legal regulations for participants from certain countries will be available upon request – please contact:


The EuroVis 2019 closing ceremony will take place on the morning of Friday, Jun 7th. We hope you can use the weekend to explore the city and its surroundings.

In case you’re traveling via Lisbon, we would much recommend to stay for extra days and visit the capital city too. Take advantage of the Lisbon Stopover by TAP airlines.